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SuperChef's Breakfast & More

Our Specialty Is Specialty!!!

Childhood friends Ryan Bryson (Owner) and Darnell Ferguson (Chef) opened the first SuperChef’s Breakfast during the summer of 2012 in Louisville, KY.

Meeting each other in the sixth grade, Darnell always had a knack for the kitchen, while Ryan was selling penny candy for 10 cents sharpening his entrepreneurial skills. Continuing on the paths established as preteens, Darnell excelled in culinary arts and earned his Degree from Sullivan University, while Ryan obtained dual degrees in Law & Liberals Art and Business Management from the University of Findlay.  Through Darnell’s culinary travels he was awarded the tremendous opportunity to be a chef in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Team U.S.A where he was ultimately dubbed “SuperChef”.  No one could have guessed Darnell’s new nickname would spawn the inspiration for the breakfast experience presented here today.

Focusing on intense flavors, vibrant palettes, great customer service, and creative presentations, SuperChef’s Breakfast & More will bring back excitement to the most important meal of the day. Enjoy.